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Why I would like to say to LaRussa


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I enjoyed last night’s lineup.  I love Skip Schumaker leading off because at this point, I think he’s our best leadoff guy.  And this lineup seemed to work as well.  Why you feel the need to tinker with the lineup every single day is beyond me.  Why you feel the need to tinker with the lineup after a win, especially, is beyond me.  Colby had a good day.  He’s always hit Atlanta pitching well.  Why not give him another shot?  Probably because you will want to do something ridiculous with the lineup.  I’m old school and I believe that pitchers should hit 9th, but I know that’s too much to ask, so I won’t.  All I do ask is for you to find a lineup, let the guys build some chemistry and trust (which is so obviously lacking in this team) with each other and then only do slight tweaks from time to time.  No more overmanaging!!  Or else you make me want to do this.

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I don’t think it’s too much to bat your best guys 1-8, stick the pitcher 9th, and then bring in the other guys from your bench as needed.  In 2006, he had no problem sitting the very talented Scott Rolen in favor of the extremely hot hitting Scott Spiezio.  In fact, he did this, despite the rift that it caused between him and Rolen.  Yet, with this lineup, he feels the need to start guys who have no business starting, unless they’re giving a regular a break every couple months.

Thank you,