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A bit overdue

Because of my sadness over my Redbirds in September, there is something that is overdue.  And that is my congratulations to the Minnesota Twins for being the first team to clinch a playoff spot.  The Twins have been my favorite AL team for many years.  I went to college in Minneapolis and got the opportunity to go to a lot of Twins games for about 5 bucks.  The Twins weren’t any good then, so I would pay the $5 and then walk down to the lowest level of the stadium and enjoy the game.  It also afforded me to say a lot of great teams come to town that I had never seen live, going to Busch Stadium.  I even got to be there the day that Cal Ripken Jr. knocked his 3,000th hit.  I’ll never forget it.

Even though I’ve been gone from Minnesota for quite awhile, I still love the Twins.  I even drove up there earlier this year, just to see the new Target Field.  It was the day Thome tied Harmon Killebrew’s HR mark, but unfortunately the Twinkies lost the game.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  Although, I do consider myself a Twins fan, it is not at the same level as my St. Louis Cardinals.  I would love to see both of these teams meet for a World Series, but should that happen, I would quickly be saying, “Twins who?”  I am always a Cardinal fan first.

Nevertheless, with my ‘Birds sitting at an elimination number of 3, I will root for the Twins to go all the way.  I know nobody thought they would be the first to clinch.  Many experts predicted a repeat of game #163.  Way to go to prove them wrong, guys!  Hopefully, that extra rest will do them good and they’ll bring home a championship.

It might not be as good as 2006 (or 1982), but it might just be the next best thing.  So, at least for a moment……


Go Twins,