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More Players Cut

More players were cut in the Cardinals camp, getting the overall roster closer to 25.  They cut 10 overall, but most of these were not big surprises.  Extra pitchers and a catcher were certain to go as well as a couple of very green infielders.

The only name that may have surprised some was Matt Carpenter.  This non-ace Carp was tearing it up at camp, making many question if he had the potential to make the Opening Day roster.  But he has not and I think this is the right decision.

When you have a guy like Daniel Descalso in camp who has that experience, why not give him a shot?  While Carpenter was looking good, he’s still brand new.  Look at many of the other minor leaguers who put up good numbers and then proceeded to look like little leaguers once they hit the Big Time.  All that does is damage their confidence as they are bounced around from the Minors to the Majors and back down again.  I say, send Carp down, give him some time to really grow as a hitter, learning to make those adjustments, developing his skills and then bring him up when the time is right.

It’s good to know that he’s there, especially if something happens with Freese again.  But until that time, I think we’re good with Freese, Theriot, Descalso and Skip.  And hopefully before long Punto is back in the fold as well.

The 2011 Redbirds are starting to take shape and it’s certainly promising.  Just thinking about the 2-5 spots being Rasmus, Pujols, Holliday and Berkman should be enough to give many teams chills.  While our pitching will certainly be lacking, we definitely have the big boys with the big bats to get the job done.  With Rasmus having uber protection, I expect him to be strong this year.  And I also expect Berkman to hit well as long as he remains healthy.  If both of those things are true, than anything that Skip or Molina does is just icing on the cake.  Hopefully that will take some of the pressure off of them.

One of the biggest things I’m looking at this year is how good of a table setter Theriot is.  The Cardinals have lacked a really great leadoff man in recent years, which has led to a lot of their shortfall.  It’s not a coincidence that the year the Cardinals won the World Series, we had David Eckstein.  Whether a walk, a HBP or a squirrely hit, he always seemed to get the job done.  He didn’t struck out much and he made the pitchers work right from the beginning.  If Theriot is half that good, the Cardinals have a lot of potential this year!

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Fellow Blogger

So I recently came across Daniel Descalso’s blog here on MLBlogs
daniel descalso.jpgDescalso is an infielder who has been a September call-up with the Redbirds.  He’s in Spring Training camp right now, blogging about his experiences.  He only has two posts right now, but I definitely hope he posts more now and during the season because he is funny, as well as having a great inside look at what goes on at Spring Training.  For instance who would have guessed that Jon Jay likes to rap every morning on the way to the park?

Blogging with Descalso,

The Returners

Position Players

Albert Pujols – The most obvious and most talked about returner to the Cardinals lineup.  Pujols represents the “no doubter” in the Cardinals lineup.  Plays first and bats third.  So automatic that even with all of LaRussa’s lineup tinkering, this isn’t likely to change.  The only exception to that would be if LaRussa decided to flip flop him with Matt Holliday, if Holliday is slumping.  Pujols is also one of the few guarantees in the lineup when it comes to production.  Pujols slump lasts long and when he comes out of one, it’s usually with a bang.  He’s also never been injury prone in his career.  Some minor flare ups here and there, but nothing major.  We all know it’s up in the air if Pujols is going to be a Cardinals in 2012 and beyond, so for now, just enjoy him while we got him.

Matt Holliday – This was the guy they shelled all the money into last year as a free agent, in order to form a solid team around Pujols.  He serves as protection at the dish and a decent defender in left field.  This is an all-star caliber player and when he’s hot, he’s HOT, but like many a Cardinal outfielder before him, he can be prone to a cold streak or two.  His consistency in protecting Albert will be huge to the success of 2011 Cardinals.

Yadier Molina – Believe it or not, Yadi is now a griseled veteran with seven years under his belt.  His season ended a couple weeks early last year due to injury and what else can you expect?  He had already caught way more games than pretty much every other catcher in the league.  Yadi’s a gamer, no doubt about it and the pitching staff has expressed their appreciation.  They trust Yadi behind the plate and having a guy like that back there makes our pitchers that much better.  They don’t pay him for his offense, but I’d like to see him bump it up a touch this year.  On a completely other note, I’d also like to see him kick the crap out of Brandon Phillips. 🙂

Colby Rasmus – It’s hard to fully appreciate Colby when a guy like Jimmy Edmonds is retiring.  But he’s also still very young and making a name for himself.  He’s a good hitter and fielder, but I don’t believe he’s reached his potential yet.  He needs to be a tad more patient at the plate and lower his strikeout rate.  Part of the problem is probably his lack of focus.  Last year, he made headlines for comments about “wanting a trade.”  Hopefully, he can learn from a guy like Pujols when it comes to that sort of thing.  There’s a time to talk and during the season is not it.  Put your head down, shut up and play the game.  If he can do that, he has the makings of being a big time player.  If he can’t, just call him J.D. Drew and trade him already.

Skip Schumaker – It’s still unclear what Skip’s going to be in the world of baseball.  Infielder?  Outfielder?  Lifetime utility guy?  Journeyman?  Whatever it is, I have enjoyed his contributions to the Cardinal team.  He always seems to be working hard at whatever role is thrown his way.  And when he asked, he turned himself to a pretty good 2nd baseman.  He also had a down year at the plate in 2010, hitting well below the .300 mark he had reached in his previous three seasons.  With a plethora of utility type players on the lineup, it’s likely that Skip will see some time at a variety of positions and places in the lineup, but you have to think that he’s going to see a lot of time as the leadoff guy.  But in LaRussa’s crazy world, nothing is guaranteed.

David Freese – Though he hasn’t spent much time as a Cardinal due to injury, I’m still including him in the returning players, as he was THE 3rd baseman for the first part of last year.  The Cardinals are needing much longer from him this year.  Reports have been that he is taking it easy during Spring Training so as not to re-injure anything.  During his brief stint, however, he did show a lot of promise.  He has the potential to be a great contributor this year and years to come, especially as we inevitably lose higher paid players.

Jon Jay / Daniel Descalso / Tyler Greene / Allen Craig – Four guys who saw various amounts of playing time last year at the Major League level.  Where they fit this year remains to be determined.  Right field that became a platoon on the departure of Ryan Ludwick last year is back to probably a one-man show upon the acquisition of Lance Berkman.  It remains to be seen who is in St. Louis and who is elsewhere upon the arrival of Opening Day.  At least a couple of these guys will find themselves filling utility roles and backups for starting guys.  Greene was used quite a bit last year when Freese went down.  And rumor has it that he might even see some time at center.  But that shouldn’t be surprising.  LaRussa has a tendency to want a team of guys that can play multiple positions to allow for creative lineups and subbing situations.  My main hope is that Jay gets another hot streak going like he had last year and is a force off the bench.

On paper, the returning guys are pretty solid.  But injuries and down seasons can certainly change things.  This team is built around Pujols and Hollliday and I expect both of these guys to deliver what we’re used to seeing.  If the other guys like Molina, Freese and Skip can up their game, it looks to be a good year for the Cardinals.

Next up will be the returning pitching staff.

Solid veteran lineup,