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Ludwick comes up big

Do you remember right after the Ludwick trade that I said if Ludwick came back to beat us in a big game that suddenly this trade wouldn’t look so hot?  It was one of those “intangibles” that you just can’t predict when you trade a guy.

Well, here’s the situation.

4-4 game in the top of the 9th inning.  Runner on 2nd.  The Cardinals intentionally walk Adrien Gonzalez to get to Ryan Ludwick.  What.  Seriously?  It’s not secret that old Cardinals traditionally do a great job of beating up on the former team.  (Scott Rolen, anybody??)  I saw that 3 home run coming a mile away.

The Padres ended up tacking on 1 more run, making it 8-4.  Ahhhhh.  Come on.

Only 3 more outs to try and come back.  Holliday, Rasmus and Molina.  Time to show some fight.