About tiffk99

<![CDATA[Due to the miracle of modern technology, a displaced Cardinal fan on the other side of the Atlantic is able to enjoy watching the greatest sport ever and, more importantly, the greatest team ever, the St. Louis Cardinals.

I love meeting people and I love great discussions, so I hope you all come by and comment a lot. As the title says, we’re going to “Party like it’s 1982.” Why 1982 you ask? Well, for you non-Cards fans (though I can’t imagine why you haven’t switched over to be a St. Louis fan yet), this is the last time the Cardinals won the Fall Classic.

Considering that was a month after I celebrated my first birthday, I’d say 2006 sounds like a good time for another World Series win.

Above was my old bio. Living in Europe was the reason I started blogging. I am now back Stateside and although it means I get to follow my Redbirds closer (and go to more games), blogging still provides an outlet for all of my pent-up baseball thoughts and energy. Right now, I’m trying to take as many opportunities as possible to go see various stadiums around the country. So, if you want to give me a tour around your favorite stadium / city, shoot me an email!]]>


In no particular order: Cards baseball,
hanging out with my nephews and niece, traveling, all movies
(especially thrillers and comedies), heated discussions,
Lucky Charms cereal, writing, coffee, playing most sports
(softball, raquetball, basketball and football are at the
top), Seinfeld, reading, interesting people, video editing,
the color green, classic film, collecting penguins, Rams
football, Mt. Dew and a lot more, but that will do for