I mentioned a few posts ago that the Cardinals have been stuck around .500 ball and with the loss to the Cubs tonight, this continues.  Here’s a breakdown of the Cardinals win / loss record by month.


March / April – 15-14

May – 15-12

June – 14-13

July – 13-11

August – 14-12


While every month the Cardinals have been over .500, no month have they been more than 3 games over the .500 mark.  Before tonight’s game, they were 3 games over for August and had a chance to go up to 4 or 5 games over tomorrow.  But once again, the Cardinals have failed to get on a roll.  They’ll win 3 in a row, but then they’ll promptly lose 3 in a row.

The Cubs seem to always step it up when they play the Cardinals, but .500 against a last place team is not acceptable.  The Cardinals desperately needed to win at least 3 of 4 from the Cubbies.  Now, that they have dropped the first one, they have the extremely difficult task of trying to take a doubleheader.

I’ll be at the 1st game tomorrow and I’m super excited that my favorite player, Yadier Molina is back and I will be able to watch him play.  Watch for me on TV!


Let’s take 2 from the Cubbies tomorrow,



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