Could Matt Carp hit for the cycle?

Last night, Carpenter had quite a game.  He went 3-4, including a home run with 3 RBI and 2 runs scored.  He ended up being just a triple shy of the cycle.  I have thought for awhile that Matt Carpenter was the most likely Cardinal to be the next to hit for the cycle and last night I thought he might do it.  Unfortunately, the Cards were just one batter short of getting him up a 5th time to try for it.  He seems the most likely candidate because of his ability to hit for power, the speed necessary to get the triple and getting a large number of at-bats, per game, due to being a leadoff hitter.

However, shockingly, the leader of the Cardinals in triples is another Matt……………………Matt Adams.  Really?  Adams?  He’s super quick over at 1B.  That play he made yesterday easily saved the game, but he’s not what I would call “speedy.”  He’s a big dude and he just doesn’t get around the bases fast.  Yet, there he sits at the top of the list with 5.  He beats out the extremely speedy Peter Bourjos by 1.  Of course he also has about twice as many at-bats as Bourjos.

Just for fun, the last Cardinal to hit for the cycle was another leadoff hitter, Mark Grudzielanek back in 2005, the only season he was with the Redbirds.

I think that almost a decade later, it’s time to see another Cardinal make it happen.  Who’s your pick to be the 21st Cardinal to hit for the cycle?


MattyCarp for cycle,



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