Our right fielders can hit

While Dodger starter Clayton Kershaw has struck out 5 Redbirds, he has made the even more devastating mistake of walking 5 Redbirds.  As it turns out, the Cardinals have learned how to make the opposing pitcher pay for these types of mistakes.

Even without our hottest hitter, Lance Berkman, in the lineup, the Cardinals are still hitting.  After the latest walk, his replacement Allen Craig hit a 3 run homer to widen the 2-1 Cardinal lead to a much more breathable distance.

Get up, baby, get up,


  1. fixisin

    Not really on subject, but do the Cardinals have more injuries than any other three MLB teams, or is it just because I only follow the Cardinals?

  2. tiffk99

    It’s because you only follow the Cardinals. Injuries to your own team always seem more severe. We know what the impact of losing a Adam Wainwright for the season can do. The Cardinals are about in the middle of the pack when it comes to injuries.

    Some teams have less but many others have more. Right now we only have five guys on the DL. It seems like a lot more because it kind of all happened at once. Both Tallet and and Augenstein were placed on the DL in Arizona, but for now both are only on the 15 day DL. Then yesterday news breaks that Schumaker and Craig are also joining the 15 day DL.

    So yes that’s a lot of injuries in a 2 week span. Add to that Wainwright and that’s five down right now. Nick Punto has been activated off the DL and Matt Holliday has been back and solid for a few games now. It might also seem like we have more injuries because we’re concerned about the health and stamina of guys like Freese, Berkman, Garcia, etc. But so far, so good.

    The teams that currently have the 3 highest numbers on the DL are the Yankees (8 on the DL), the Mariners (7 on the DL) and the Phillies (7 on the DL). But as we all know, it’s not just about how many players you have on the DL, but the importance of that player.

    The Twins having Mauer and Morneau down together for a few days is devastating to an already struggling team. And the most devastating loss in that probably goes to the Phillies. They have Lidge, Oswalt and Utley all down. If they didn’t have guys like Lee and Halladay they would really be in a lot of trouble.

    Good question! Thanks for asking!

    – Tiffany

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