Jackie Robinson Day


You will be seeing a lot of 42s today.  That’s because in the MLB, today is Jackie Robinson Day.  His number

cardinal playerer 42.jpg

has been retired across all 30 MLB
clubs, cardinals players 42.gifso no one will ever cardinals players 42.gifbe issued
#42 again.  But on this day, Jackie is honored by allowing all players, coaches, managers, etc. to wear his number.  Here are a few Redbirds participating in last years Jackie Robinson Day.


This is a great tribute to a great man.  His courage to stick with what
he knew to be right no matter what it might cost him personally is a
testament to the human spirit.  People like this are the people that
make you believe that anything is truly possible with hard work,
determination and courage.

So thank you Jackie for everything you did for baseball and more
importantly for mankind in general.  We salute you and your number 42.

Happy Jackie Robinson Day,

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