Facing the Champs

This afternoon, the Cardinals start their 10 day road trip to the West.  It begins with the defending World Series championship, the San Francisco Giants.  It’s kind of annoying to have to be the team that has to sit through their flag raising, their ring ceremony and all the other hoopla, but some team’s gotta to do it.

Now, if we could take 2 of 3 from them, it would certainly take the sting out of it.

Westbrook is going for us in game 1 of the series.  While he’s certainly not one of our dominant pitchers, he’s going to be be better than he showed in his last outing, where he got clobbered.  But to me the most important thing is that our offense gets going.  It has been absolutely abhorrent these first few games.  I know it’s only been six games and all that, blah blah blah, but it’s still hard to watch your teams hit so poorly game after game.

To give you an idea of how badly it’s been, in six games:

  • We have three guys with any regular at-bats who are hitting over .300.  Everyone else is under .200.
  • The one guy who had been on fire (hitting .750) has only been able to play one game due to having an emergency appendectomy.
  • We are 5th to last in the NL in team average and dead last in slugging, due to only having two guys who have gone deep all season and a mere 8 extra base hits.
  • Our 9 time All-Star, 3 time MVP and 2 time gold glover is hitting .182 and slugging .318.
  • We are dead last in RBIs with 14.  14!!  3 teams have twice as many as us and the Reds actually have 3x as many.
  • We’ve averaged 2.5 runs scored per game, also dead last.

In short, it has not been pretty on the hitting side of things.  At some point, it has to change.  Hopefully, it will be sooner rather than later.  On a positive the World Champs have an identical 2-4 record as us, so this might be the best time to play them, while they’re finding their groove as well.

Looking to be better on the road,

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