dead cardinal.jpg

Steamrolled.  That’s how the Cardinals had to feel after today’s contest against the Padres.

What was a 3-3 game in the 4th suddenly spun out of control real quick.  The big culprit today was the pitching.  St. Louis pitching combined for 8 walks, including a couple with the basis loaded.  That simply cannot happen.

And today’s game showed even more strongly the painful loss that yesterday was.  Games like today are going to happen.  There will be games that we will lose and lose badly.  There will also be games that we win easily.  (Pittsburgh anyone?)  It’s those in between games that could go either way that become even more important.

You have to win games like yesterday because sooner or later you will have games like today.  Instead we dropped both and are now 0-2.  Far from the end of the world, but disappointing to say the least.

To add insult to injury, Holliday is out now after having an emergency appendectomy.  Seriously?  That couldn’t have happened a month or two ago?  Of course not.  It has not happen now as we are already down players.  I have to say though how pleased I am with Allen Craig.  It was a mistake to play him at 3rd last year.  He couldn’t handle the hot corner and I think that’s why he struggled at the plate.  But now he seems to be more comfortable and he looks so much better at the plate, both in Spring Training and now during actual games.

All I know is the Cardinals better get there act together and quick.  A big test will come in Jaime Garcia, to see if he is the Garcia of old.  We will find out soon.

No wins,

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