Alive and kicking….well, alive anyway

With the Cardinal win tonight over the Buccos, the idle Reds were forced to put their clinching party on hold at least one more night.  Like yesterday, it feels good to not simply give the Reds the title here at the end.

The way the Cardinals had been playing, I really thought the Reds would have clinched long before now, but the Reds have not been playing very hot lately either.  So with 6 games left to play, the Cardinals have managed to stay mathematically there.

The best part is watching some of these new guys stepping up and delivering offense.  This has to happen if the Cardinals are going to go anywhere next year.  The Cardinals have invested a lot of money in Matt Holliday, presumably will be offering a lot of money to Albert (his contract is up after next year) and will need to try and acquire some good pitching.  That means any upgrades that will come to 3rd base, 2nd base, right field, etc. will need to come from in house.  The Cardinals will simply not have the resources to spend a lot of money for these upgrades outside the organization.

The young Redbirds are showing they have the ability to contribute next year and I look forward to seeing how they develop over the next year.

Pujols and Holliday have continued to rake as well, competing for the Cardinals batting average title.  Both sluggers had 2 for 3 nights, including 1 home run and 3 RBIs off of Holliday’s bat, putting them both at .313 for the year.

Reds can’t celebrate yet,

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