Cardinals show they can beat Pittsburgh

In a disappointing season that is quickly coming to a disappointing end, the Cardinals reached down deep and pummel the Pittsburgh Pirates today, in honor of my birthday.  The Redbirds knocked out 9 runs on 15 hits including, including a rousing 7 for 11 from today’s 3-4-5.

Maybe it’s the youngsters energizing the clubhouse.  Maybe it’s sending the Lopez away that’s lit a fire under the Cardinals.  Maybe it’s just because we’re playing the Pirates and we’ll again get swept by Chicago.

However, you slice it, it was fun watching the Cardinals do their thing.

Don’t hand that MVP to Votto just yet.  Pujols let voters know he’s not backing down by going 3 for 4 today with 2 home runs, 3 RBIs and 3 runs scored.  Pujols leads the league in homers, RBIs and runs scored.  The only category he’s lower in his average and today he raised it .03 points to become 5th best in the league.

He is also only one of two players with over 25 home runs and less than 80 strikeouts.  (Any guesses on the other guy?  Don’t look it up….that’s cheating!)  Votto has 116 Ks.  Gonzalez?  126.  Pujols once again shows power and precision.

I’m not saying it’s 100% his yet, but I am saying it’s up for grabs.  Let’s see where the numbers fall after 162 games.

Loved my birthday present from the Cardinals,


  1. fixisin

    The Reds gave the Cardinals every chance in the world to catch them. Isn’t it strange that now that it is to late, the Cards are playing better without “the stars” than they did when they still had a chance. I think it is time to shake up this team. Manager, hitting coach, “stars” and all.

  2. tiffk99

    The Reds definitely did not play good September baseball. But we had already blown it by that time. I hope to see a new manager and hitting coach by next year. But I am feeling very optimistic about some of these youngsters. Let’s get some real table setters for Pujols and Holliday to drive in, some speed on the base paths and decent pitching. We have a few holes, but there’s no reason we can’t fill them and compete next year.

    – Tiffany

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