Eat more chicken

I have one piece of advice to the Cardinals: Eat more chicken.  Zaxbys chicken to be exact.  Rasmus is a Georgia native, born a couple hours south of where the Braves call home and decided to pick up some chicken before the game, giving some to Wainwright to eat as well.

Watch video here.

Wainwright’s took a little bit longer than Rasmus’ to take effect, but in the end, both guys were key components of the Cardinals’ thrashing of the Atlanta Braves.  There isn’t an Zaxby’s in Missouri, but I’m willing to have it shipped to the Cards for the rest of the season if that’s what it takes.  Who’s in with me?

Though in order for the chicken to work today, LaRussa has to be willing to play Rasmus against a lefty.  Something he has been reluctant to do, which irritates the crap out of me, as I expressed in my previous post.

Eating chicken for lunch,

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