Maybe the offense isn’t dead yet

The pitchers have been adequate in our losses, but the bats had fallen
asleep.  But our stopper, Carpenter pitched yesterday and hopefully got
us back on track.  So I have no reason to think that Jaime Garcia won’t continue to be good today.

And for some reason, I think this is the day that the offense fully wakes up.  There were glimmers of it yesterday, but it’s still not where we all know this Cardinal lineup can be.  Sometimes all you need is a good shakeup and that seems to be provided for in the acquisition of Pedro Feliz, who hit an RBI triple yesterday.  Additionally, Tony LaRussa has decided to join the ranks of every other manager in baseball by hitting the pitcher 9th.  He hasn’t done this for two months or so.

Plus, we have several guys in the lineup who have tore up Giants pitcher, Barry Zito, over the years.  Of course, this shouldn’t be a surprise.  Any pitcher that has ever been a decent pitcher, we seem to be able to handle fine.  (Case in point: yesterday vs. Tim Lincecum.)  It’s the no name pitchers that we seem to struggle against.

So, here’s hoping that Zito grooves a couple over, especially to Albert.  Wouldn’t it be great to see him get to that 400 mark today?  I think so.

Come on, Redbirds….let’s go get this rubber game match!

Looking for offense,


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