I dare you to hit Jaime Garcia

Pitching change.  Good time for an update.

Prior to Sunday afternoon’s series finale against San Fran, I predicted that this would be the game that the Cardinal bats would finally break free and that Jaime Garcia would be good.  Well, I was certainly right about the bats.  The offense did, indeed, come alive in a BIG way.  So far, still in the 7th inning, the Redbird offense has put together 8 runs on 13 hits.  Every starter (including Jaime) has a hit to his credit and all but two have an RBI.  Even Allen Craig got in on the act!  I’ve given him a hard time on here for his lack of production, so now I gotta give him props for his 2 run shot over the left field wall.

But I was wrong about Garcia.  He has not simply been, “good.”  He has been OUTSTANDING.  He’s pitched 7 innings and has only thrown 67 pitches.  Are you kidding me???  That’s less than 10 pitches per inning.  And with the big lead, I see no reason for LaRussa to move the kid.  But with LaRussa, you just never know; he does tend to overmanage.

But barring any tinkering by the Cardinal skipper, Garcia should get his first complete game today and possibly his first shutout as well.  Add that to his 11th win and Garcia is a dark horse for Rookie of the Year.  I didn’t think he had a shot because it’s harder for a pitcher to win this award than a fielder and because there has been so much made of Jason Heyward.  But if Garcia continues to add to his resume with a few more wins, don’t count him out just yet.

We’ll come back to the game with Holliday at-bat with the bases loaded and 2 out following a walk to Pujols.  After Pujols walked the first time, Holliday did nothing.  He must make them pay this time.

Rooting for a shutout for the rookie,


  1. stlbestincentral

    I got a special treat today as AFN broadcast the game. Timing could not have been better! Really hated to see the Giants get that third hit with 2 out in the ninth but all-in-all it was a stellar performance by the St. Lpuis candidate for RoY. It’s been a totally different team the last two games. Things are looking better and now it’s off to Alberts 2nd favorite city (after STL) of course…Pittsburgh. I enjoy your Blog, Tiff!

  2. tiffk99

    Thanks for the compliments on the blog and especially for the comments. By my hit counter, it’s clear that a lot of people are reading, but I wish more commented because the dialogue makes it fun! But you’re right. The Redbirds have looked sharp, so here’s hoping we keep on rollin’ right through Pittsburgh!

    – Tiffany

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