The Return

Of course you don’t know who the heck I am, although I have been a part of this thing since the tail end of ’05.  And it’s my fault you don’t know who I am.  I have not blogged in quite some time.  Since 2008 to be exact.  And even then it was scattered at best.  I blogged a handful of times in 2007 as well, but my last consistent blogging was done in 2006.  I blogged the entire season as I witnessed my first Cardinal championship.

cardinal celebration.jpg(Technically, I was alive in ’82, but too young to remember that also awesome October.)

So, that incredibly long introduction to say that I am back, hopefully for a longer stay this time.  I miss making my opinion heard and hearing what others have to say back.  I have a lot I could talk about right now, but I promise I won’t give you the whole thing in one entry. 🙂

So I’ll start with the most recent events.  The melee between the Cardinals and the Reds.  Who knew we even had a rivalry with them???  I guess because we’re competing for the division it was bound to happen.  There’s always the life-long Cubs/Cardinals hatred.  Even when the Cubs are double digits out of first place, it’s always satisfying to see them get thumped good.  Edmonds and Zambrano always seemed to have words for each other.  Two cocky, arrogant guys facing each other always meant a good time.

We had brief signs of rivalries with the Astros and even the Brewers when they were in it one season.  But I have never had ill-will towards Cincy.  Quite the opposite.  I’ve impressed by their team this season, whom everyone said would fall by the break.  Well, the break is a month behind us and still here they are….our own Achilles Heel.  Scott Rolen (my former favorite Redbird) has been a strong presence and Joey Votto is putting up crazy numbers for a guy most people never heard of.

So maybe that’s why Brandon Phillips decided to stir up trouble.  To get fans on both sides of the race going.  Maybe he did it to stir up his own teammates and light a fire underneath them. The problem is they had been playing great.  No fire needed to be lit.  What he very much succeeded in doing though was stirring up a hornets nest in that St. Louis clubhouse.  And I love the way the Cards handled it.  Yadi Molina (my current favorite Redbird) stood up for his team when Brandon clearly tried to incite him with not just one “love tap” of the bat, but two, after  Molina clearly wanted no part of it.  As Molina said in the post game interview in his great accent, “You are not my friend.  Don’t touch me.”

And best of all, not only did he stick up for his team verbally, he stuck up for them with his bat.  While Phillips unceremoniously grounded out to lead off the game, in Yadi’s first at-bat, he blasted a home run to shut Phillips and his big mouth up.  The Cardinals also thumped the Reds 7-3, for good measure in what would be the first of a sweep.  On their home turf, I might add.  Brandon, I have no problem with a little cockiness.  In fact, I kind of like it.  I used to love Jimmy Edmonds home run swagger.  But here’s the deal.  Do it on the field and keep your mouth shut.  And if you’re dumb enough to open your mouth, certainly back it up on the field. 

When Jimmy Rollins said the Phils were the “team to beat” back in 2007, he then proceeded to lead his team to a division title by hitting .296, slugging .531, belting 30 home runs, with 94 RBI.

Brandon Phillips, on the other hand, ran his mouth and then proceeded to go 2 for 14 (.143) with 1 RBI for the series.  While Phillips preferred to talk than play ball, Yadi went 5 for 12 (.416) with 3 RBI and 2 runs scored.  And we have already discussed what the Cardinals did as a team.  So bring on the smack talk anytime you want, lest you forget the last time someone had something to say about the Cardinals, they posted it in their locker room and used it as inspiration to propel them to their 10th World Series championship.

So here’s to be back to blogging  and my first place Redbirds.  If anyone is still around, let me know with a comment, so I know I’m not talking to myself! 🙂

– Tiffany

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