Solid win by the Redbirds

So clearly I didn´t write anything during the game last night.  I was too tired to do anything, but watch the game.  (After all, it started at 2am my time.)  Plus, the lack of comments doesn´t help.  People are reading the blog.  They´re returning and clicking through it according to my counter.  So, I´d love to hear comments from anybody and everybody.  This blog isn´t just a place for my opinion, but for anybody who has one.  So, let´s hear anything you might have to say about the Cardinals or anything else going on in baseball.  I´ll discuss it.

On to tonight´s game.  I got home later, so it was already 5·0 when I turned on the game.  I was sad I missed it, but glad it wasn´t the other way around.  I´ll have to wait until the game is archived to see what all I missed, but they did mention that Rick Ankiel got things going with a 2·run home run.

Shortly after, I started watching, the Dodgers put together a little offense and got a run of their own.  But the Cardinals pitchers stayed strong and the Dodgers would get no more.  Looper pitched a good six innings, only allowing 4 hits and that one run.  The effort earned him his 10th win of the season.  And then 4 Redbird relievers combined to finish out the game, allowing only 1 hit between them.

But the Cardinal offense wasn´t done.  Rick Ankiel drove another home run deep to outfield stands and tacked on one more Cardinal run.  It also provided his 2nd curtain call since he was called up on Thursday.  I think it´s safe to say Cardinal Nation loves Ankiel.

Everything I´ve read from Cardinal fans has been extremely supportive of Ankiel, but unfortunately, I´ve seen a few negative things from other fans.  Those who seem to think he´ll choke or not continue to be a great Major League hitter.  And that´s too bad.  I think this is a guy you have to root for no matter what.  His story is an example of the best baseball can be.  He also made a heck of a catch in the outfield today.

We would have had two more runs, but Edmonds was robbed of a 2·run home run by an outstanding catch at the wall.

The Brewers and Cubs games tonight will decide if we stay even in the standings or go up, but I´m hoping for the best.  One thing is certain: the race is definitely getting very interesting again.  But, it´s tough.  As a Cardinal fan, I really want the Redbirds to win it all.  But, if we can´t, I want the Brewers to do it because the Cubs absolutely can´t win.  So while I´m not rooting for them yet, I will if the Cardinals drop completely out of it.

But before I turn on the Brewer game and see what happens, I´m watching the Red Sox game.  Beckett appeared to have a complete game shutout in the works, but then he gave up 2 hits and lost the shutout.  Next reliever.   Another run.  Boston has now brought in Papelbon with 2 on and 2 out.  And he gets the last out.  Too bad.

Alright, time to turn on the Brewer game.

Go ´Stros,




  1. Tiffany

    Hey, I appreciate you getting the comments started again.

    Absolutely, Rick Ankiel, is a tremendous t story and I am more than happy the Cardinals could contribute to the downfall of the Dodgers. And they´ll try it again tomorrow.

    Here´s hoping that by the time the Cardinals and D·backs meet in September, both teams will have their divisions in the bag.


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