Random things about the Cardinal’s weekend

I’m back and feeling quite refreshed after a weekend away and also quite excited that the game tonight is early enough that I can watch it live.  It will be my first live Cardinal game this season and I couldn’t be happier about that.

I’ve looked at the scores for the games I missed over the weekend and read the recaps and watched the video highlights of the Cardinals games.  And from all that here is my summary of various things from the games, in no particular order:

1) The Cardinal bats FINALLY got going.  Obviously, we’re going to win games and obviously Pujols isn’t going to have a .072 average all season.  But it’s excruiating waiting out the first slump of the season.  Now that it’s over, hopefully the big swings and big at-bats will continue into the next series.

2) The Wainwright-Molina-Pujols DP off the bat of Brad Ausmus during the attempted suicide squeeze was of the best plays I’ve ever seen.  Great heads up baseball all the way around.

3) Johan Santana is a machine.  I want him to be a Cardinal.

4) Though I’m excited about the 10-1 over Houston, nobody’s talking about the baserunning mistakes.  If the Cardinals had lost 2-1, everybody would be yelling about missed opportunities on the basepaths.  That is not heads up baseball.

5) Every team now has at least one win and one loss.

6) Roy Oswalt continues to be one of the most dominating pitchers in the NL.  At least for the Redbirds because they can certainly never figure him out.  I hope we don’t see him again for awhile.

7) Lidge continues to be less and less of a closer and more and more of a setup man in Triple A somewhere.  He can deny the Pujols homer = destruction all he wants, but the fact remains….baseball is a very mental sport.  And now with everybody talking and focusing on the homer, he continues to allow runs to score until his ERA is currently an astonishing 16.20.  Granted, the man hasn’t even pitched two complete innings yet and his shortstop booted an easy groundout that would have lessened the damage, but nevertheless….he better get his act together quick if the Astros ever want to have enough confidence to hand him the ball again.  It also makes you think…..will Billy Wagner be affected?  The runs off of him for some reason didn’t make the splashy headlines that the Pujols shot did, but the Cardinals touched Wager for quite a few runs in the NLCS.  Wagner, "the sandman," whose ERA hasn’t been over 3.00 since 2000, saw it spike at 16.87 in the NLCS when he gave up 5 runs, including a homer to the Cards.

8) My 7th point was way too long.

9) I really hope that Kip Wells pitches like this all season.  If he does, the 2007 season is looking up.

10) I hope that if Carp goes on the DL (which seems inevitable at this point), it’s a short stay.  We’ve done without Carpenter for a little bit before, but a season ending injury would be devastating.  Anybody else having nightmares of the 2004 World Series?  Guarantee you that the Sox don’t sweep us, if Carp had been healthy.

11) I’m really tired of seeing Anthony Reyes face the hardest pitchers in the league.  Last year, he constantly drew guys like Chris Capuano, Freddy Garcia, Andy Pettite, Roger Clemens, Greg Maddux, etc.  And this last series against Roy Oswalt.  I feel bad for the guy.

12) That’s all I can talk about for now because the game just started.

Looking for a sweep in Pittsburgh,



  1. William

    A couple of comments on your comments:
    3) Oh, my god. You can’t have him! The Yankees have to ridiculously overspend on him as a 36 year old, when he first hits the free agent market, first! My point? He’s a spectacular pitcher, and I don’t think he’ll hit the market until at least age 35.

    7) Do I hear a Ralph? RALPH! Do I hear a Branca? BRANCA!

    8) That’s the first time in a while something on a blog has really made me laugh.

    11) That’s tough luck. Eventually, he’ll get to face the John Thompsons and Esteban Loaizas of the world.

  2. Bruce

    Yeah, Lidge has to look no further than El Hombre for his collapse. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, ya know.
    I wholeheartedly agree with you on the DP from Sunday. It was a thing of beauty.

    To be honest with you, I’m still not sold on Reyes. Except for 3 or 4 good starts, including the WS game,. he hasn’t impressed me much.

  3. Tiffany

    Santana seems like he wants to be a Twin. Last time, he wasted no time upping his contract for four more years. But, who knows…..now that he’s an even bigger stud, he might decide to test the free agent waters. The Yankees have a shot at him, but I know the Cardinals don’t. I don’t see them putting enough in the pot to contend for his services. Plus, I think Santana’s better off in the AL anyway.


    Baseball’s very mental and pitching maybe the most mental aspect of the game. Especially a closer. You have to have the mindset that even if you get clobbered in the 9th and take the loss, you go back in there the next day, forget about it and pitch lights out again. Lidge obviously don’t have this mindset. Very Ankiel-esque. It just shows that you can be the greatest pitcher of them all, but if you don’t have the mental aspect of the game down, you won’t amount to anything.


    I sure hope not, but I see your concern. Reyes has had so much promise and that kind of pitcher can drive you nuts. Why do you think Cubs fans have held on to Wood and Prior so long? They see what the upside is for these pitchers and now they have another on in Jason Marquis. Reyes is young enough that I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for awhile longer, especially because the kind of opposition he’s been having to face. But, he’s going ot have to step it up. The good news is this: I was afraid he was going to have to be a number 3 type guy, but if Looper and Wells keep up their great work and Wainwright pitches as he’s capable, Reyes may only have to be a number 5 starter (or 4 when Carp is out). And I think you can’t really complain with him as your end of the rotation starter.


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