Playoff Predictions & Homer contest

Well, it’s my turn to type out all of my predictions for this coming October, so we can all laugh at how very wrong I was this coming October. Check out my last post if you want to see just how wrong I was last year about all of this.

Let’s kick it off with my NL picks.

NL East

1) Mets
2) Phillies*
3) Marlins
4) Braves
5) Nationals

Summary: Jimmy Rollins may think the Phils are the team to beat, but I don’t see it happening this year. I think that the race will be far closer this year between the Mets and Phillies than it was last year with the Mets falling off significantly. But, I still think overall that the Mets are the best team in the East. I think the Marlins prove that last year was not a fluke and finish in 3rd with the Braves and Nats bringing up the rear.

NL Central

1) Cardinals
2) Brewers
3) Astros
4) Reds
5) Cubs
6) Pirates

Yes, I’m biased. But I still think objectively speaking the Cardinals are the best team here. Interestingly enough, this team is not as good as the one at the beginning of ’06, but I think they are better now than the team they won the Series with. Especially if Izzy is healthy, the Cards repeat as Central champs for sure. The Brewers are one of my sleeper teams this year. A terriffic (if healthy) staff, I think they come in 2nd. I really antcipate the ‘Stros falling off this year due to pitching, but with guys like Berkman and their habit of making a 2nd half push….you just can’t count them out. I put them at 3rd, although it wouldn’t suprise me to see them drop lower. I think that the Cubs crawl out of the cellar, but Soriano or no Soriano, they still don’t have pitching besides their great ace Zambrano. They made significant improvement to their lineup and if they do so with pitching next year, then the might have something going.

NL West

1) Dodgers
2) Diamondbacks
3) Giants
4) Padres
5) Rockies

I’ve underestimated the Dodgers a lot, but I’m giving them some credit this year. They have a lot of the pieces. If they can put it all together, they might have something going. I’m dropping the Giants down to third which means this is probably the year they end up winning! I think Zito will help their staff a lot, but I don’t think this is San Fran’s year. The D-backs are my 2nd NL sleeper team, but I’m a lot less excited about them as I am the Brewers. Arizona has potential, but there are still just too many questions marks in my mind. I don’t think the Padres are horrible and they might indeed too better, but I had nowhere else to put them so they get 4th.

AL East

1) Yankees
2) Red Sox
3) Blue Jays
4) Orioles
5) Devil Rays

The Red Sox have made a ton of improvements this year. They have a rotation that could be the best in baseball if every guy is on his game. They could also sputter and do far less than what’s expected of them. But they still have Ortiz, still have Manny and the addition of Drew is big. I think they easily get 2nd and even compete heavily for the Wild Card. But, sadly for them, the Yankees are still the Yankees. They have a lineup that doesn’t quit 1-9 and the resources to get it done. The East goes to the Yankees again. I would have picked the Blue Jays higher, but as previously stated other teams just did too much this year for the Jays to handle. The end of this division is still the same story. Can we put the Rays in their own division?

AL Central

1) Detroit
2) Twins*
3) Indians
4) White Sox
5) Royals

I have a tough time here. Detroit and Minnesota are two really really tough teams. It really could go either way, so I’m giving it to the Tigers, but only because I can give the Wild Card to the Twins. Though as I said I see the Red Sox fighting them for it. I think they fight down to the wire again this year. Also knowing that the Tigers are losing Rogers really made me rethink this, but I’m still sticking with Detroit. A hotly contested division, I see this as the year that the Indians finally gain some ground, which means I have to put a very good White Sox team in 4th. Though I still bet the Sox have a better record than a lot of other teams in both leagues. And the Royals…….yeah. Maybe next year Gil Mesch.

AL West

1) Angels
2) A’s
3) Rangers
4) Mariners

No Zito? New manager? I think the Angels sneak in front of the A’s this year. I also predict the Rangers to gain some ground this year, but not enough to take them out of third or really even worry anybody. And the Mariners made a little noise, but there’s just no way.

Cards over Mets
Phillies over Dodgers

Cards over Phillies

Twins over Yankees
Tigers over Angels

Twins over Tigers

World Series:
Cards over Twins in 6 for a rematch of the 1987 World Series.

So there you go. I don’t feel as confident about the Cardinals as I did this time last year. But, hey, they won it with half of their guys battling injuries last year. So, a little more luck with the health and full major leauge seasons for guys like Duncan and Reyes…..anything is possible.

Feel free to write and tell me that I’m a genius or that I’m an idiot. Comments are great and anything is open game around here. Even Cub fans that think Prior and Wood magically both change into 20 game winners and Soriano leads them to the pennant.

Also, I have a contest going to see which Redbird hits the first Cardinal homer this year. But I realized I didn’t throw my guess into the mix. I’m saying it will be Rolen.

So that brings are guesses up to:

Pujols – 1
Edmond – 1
Rolen – 1
Kennedy – 1

Feel free to guess one of these guys or another guy that you think will be the first.

Gotta be more than 83 this year,


  1. William

    All right. One little eensy-weensy thing. You are completely loony on the Yankees deal. Twins over Yankees? Seriously? Yes, the Twins are gritty and all that stuff, but they will be completely lost without Liriano. And besides, even if he wasn’t hurt, Radke’s retirement is the biggest blow to the rotation since, well, I don’t know what. It’s a big blow. I pick Yanks over Twins, then Yanks over Tigers, then… I wouldn’t like to say any more on a Cardinal fan’s blog.

  2. Tiffany

    I think the Yankees are a great team, but they fell apart last year at the hands of Tigers’ pitching. So, I decided to go with the Twins this year. But it wouldn’t bother me to see the Yanks win the AL. I also like to pick a few different teams than everyone else seems to be picking.

    Yup, Rolen went deep. To no avail though. We still lost.


  3. William

    Okay, maybe it would go 6 or 7 if the Yanks faced the Tigers in the ALCS, but I really do think the Yankees would beat the Twins at least.

  4. Tiffany

    I honestly think it depends on who is healthy. The Yankees have a better lineup and the Tigers and Twins have better pitching.


  5. Tiffany

    I´m talking full staff….everyone healthy. As it stands now, no the Twins lineup doesn´t come close to comparing to the Tigers…..even with Rogers out.


  6. William

    My point is, the Yankees would beat the Twins, with their full pitching staff. It’d be pretty even, the Yankees-Tigers series.

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