Will the rain go away? Cardinal fans are ready to party.

I’m sure just about everybody but me is mad about the rain delay.  Everyone wants to see who’s going to take this thing: the Cardinals or the Tigers.  But for me (and perhaps other people living in Europe as well?) I’m extremely glad that the there was a rain delay last night.

Before there was no Friday game.  Now not only is there a Friday game, but it’s a game with which the Cards could possibly win the World Series.  And being a Friday game, I can stay up without worry, as I can sleep in as late as I want on Saturday.  I’ve made sure to make no plans this weekend so that I can stay up for the game and than sleep in.  And for some reason if the Cardinals don’t win both tonight’s game and tomorrow’s game and only take one of the two, I can also stay up Saturday night.  I will get up for church on Sunday morning, but it still means I will be able to sleep in a lot later than I would on a weekday when I have to get up super early for work.

So far the postseason schedule, rainouts and the teams who are winning have accomodated me perfectly.  If that continues it means the Cardinals will win in 5 on Friday.  Although, here in our work contest, I picked the Cardinals to win in 7.  Not that it matters.  Nobody else picked the Cards over the Mets in 7 besides me, so I’ve definitely won.  All of us completely butchered the American league.

I feel very good about the rest of this series.  The Redbirds only need two wins.  They can get those out of Suppan and Reyes and if they fall short, Weaver and Carpenter are waiting in the wings.  I feel pretty confident in getting two wins in four chances with those guys on the hill.  Nevertheless, the Tigers are a tough club and will fight to the bitter end to bring a championship home to their city so the Cardinals can’t take anything for granted.

I think pretty much every Cardinal fan has to be thinking about 2004.  After being down in Houston and coming back in such unbelievable fashion to push that to game 7 and to get the win.  Edmonds and Walker coming through huge for us.  All of us fans were on such a high only to be shot down very quickly by the Boston Red Sox.  It was so disheartening.  Not only did most people favor the Cardinals to win, everyone thought they’d at least get a game or two from the Sox.  Unbelievably, it never seemed we had a chance.

The Cardinals seemed to get that monkey off their backs the first game of this series to come out and quickly trounce the Tigers.  And of course it helps tremendously to have Carp as part of our post-season rotation this year where he wasn’t able to contribute in ’04.  And even if they won’t admit it on camera the guys who were part of the team then and now (i.e. Edmonds, Rolen, Pujols, etc.) have to be quite happy with how the Cardinals have redeemed themselves quite well so far.  And now being up 2-1, victory is finally close enough to taste and Cardinal fans across the country can feel how close it is.

My sister isn’t much of a baseball fan and my nephew was explaining to her how important it is because he’s never seen the Cardinals win in his lifetime.  But what really surprised her is that they haven’t won since 1982.  She assumed they had won it all in the 90s sometime.  So she asked me the other day, "So you don’t ever remember the Cardinals winning the World Series?"  Yup.  Pretty much.  Sure, I was alive the last time it happened, but I was barely a year old.  And that’s a big part of the reason why I chose the blog name that I did.  Because me and the rest of Cardinal Nation is ready to finally…..after all these years…..to

Party like it’s 1982

Let’s Go Redbirds!!!


  1. juicepena@yahoo.com

    hi tiffany (it’s tiffany right)i like you cause your a cards fan like i’m a stros fan.you make it part of your everyday life my wife at the end of every season says good i have my husband back.anyway you guys just have to win tonight(if game is played) because that would force the tigers to send the cheater to the mound on friday and you guy’s get a chance to boooo him off the hill.two years ago like you mentioned my feeling was the wrong n.l. team went to the big show the stros at the time seemed to be unstopable i mean with bags,kent,berkman,beltran,(but just like this year beltran went ice cold in game 7.i really hope you guys win not because i like the cards or not but because the trophy comes back to the n.l. and yeah i guees the central.wrap this thing up friday night and get ready for 07 cause you guys now even though it’s not cards vs cubs yall’s hands are always full with us,and if brad(i have to look thru my fingers)lidge stops pitching to pujols i just might be us in the fall classic,and guess what we have a roof,good luck to you guys and go astros babyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tiffany

    Yes, I’m hoping that the Cards can bring the trophy back to the N.L. finally. We only need one more win to do it. And of course we’re always ready to face the Astros next year! As long as we win the divison of course. 🙂


  3. emanbos@yahoo.com

    You? In church Sunday? So, you like hanging out with the old ladies? 😀

    Come on, you know that religion is passé over there, no matter how much the Church tries to throw its weight around. As long as there is a Socialist government, they are not going to be getting what they want. Of course, my friend the PP activist wants the Church to be involved again. But that´s another story, even if he can get me involved over there. 😀

    Okay, off my soapbox. Don’t even think about any of this for now. There are bigger fish to fry.


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