Italians party like it’s 1982

Really.  That’s the last time the Italians won it all.  They has to be some kind of sign, right?

Well, I have some things to say about the Cardinals, but that will have to wait for tomorrow, as it’s 1am here.  Just got home a little bit ago from watching the World Cup.

Even though I was mad that France beat Spain, I rooted for them for 2 reasons.

There are probably the two dumbest reasons ever to root for someone or their team.  I’m totally aware of that.  It’s like the people who said Boston "deserved" to win the World Series because they waited 86 years.  Whatever.  Not if you’re a Cardinal fan.  And I’m sure that Italy could have cared less about Zidane and his retirement.

Nevertheless, I’m new to all this and I figured I should have some team to root for.  Really though, I didn’t care as long as it went to a shootout.  I wanted to see that really bad.  All was going according to plan as it was 1-1 for most of the game and all of the overtime.

Then, right at the end, Zidane and some Italian guy (don’t remember his name) had a few words and Zidane head butted him in the chest.  That was sad to see, especially because he was red carded and had to leave.  It seemed like he was trying to talk to the ref, but it was to no avail.

He wasn’t there to see his team eventually lose the shootout.

There was one great video shot of him leaving though, with the trophy a little blurry in the foreground.  Almost as if he was walking away from the trophy…….  Okay, maybe not real symbolism, but I liked it.

So that was that.  Maybe I’m a true European resident now as these are the first World Cup games I have ever watched.

I would also like to state that once the games got into the later rounds, EVERY team I rooted for lost.  I’m not kidding.  I root for the U.S.  They lose to Ghana.  So, then I root for Ghana and they lose.  I rooted for England and they lost.  Spain lost.  Germany lost.  I rooted against France the whole time until the last game and we all know what happened there.

So, my deepest apologies to all fans of teams I rooted for. 🙂

More to come on the Cardinals and the first half of the season wrap up tomorrow and later this week probably.

World Cup watcher,



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