So we can win……

It’s pretty sad when you’re THIS excited over your team winning one measly game.  Still, I AM EXCITED.  Losing does not feel good as a fan and I’m sure our guys weren’t feeling much better about themselves.

I’m heading up north to the Tarragona/Barcelona area of Spain to celebrate the 4th this weekend.  I’ll think of you all as I’m laying out on the beach every day. 🙂  I know I won’t be watching the games and at this point, I’m not sure how often I will be able to check scores.  As usual, leave me commens on important stuff I should know about.  You guys were a great source of info the last time I was gone.

Lastly, it’s the final countdown for the All-Star break vote.  I have not voted yet, but I’m about to go do so.  Everyone that hasn’t voted needs to make sure you go vote for Rolen.  He definitely deserves to start and right now I believe he’s in 2nd place.  So, let’s all go vote for Rolen…..25 times.

Rolen at 3B,



  1. Justin

    Rolen is going to be hard to push in because David Wright is such a trendy pick. I voted for Rolen my 25 times when voting opened. I love the guy

  2. Marc

    Hey Tiff, just so you know, I FINALLY posted on the Cards in the playoffs vs. the regular season. Check it out. Also, I totally understand what you were going through with the excitement last night. Sure it’s only one win, and it came on a pair of errors, and we still had a horrible few series, but I almost peed my pants and cried! I voted for Rolen 50 times, 25 for me, and 25 times for my brother who was unable to vote due to lack of a computer. Keep on Rollin’!

  3. Tiffany

    You’re completely correct about David Wright – it’s very trendy; he’s young, cute and popular. And Mets fans are just excited because it’s the first time in years that they’ve made this serious of a run. Not that he’s not good. I think in a few years he might be 100% deserving of the All-Star pick. I think he seems like a good guy and brings a lot to the Mets. Nevertheless, right now, the pick is Rolen.


    Alright, I’m counting on you while I’m gone!


    Hey, you’re back. I’ll go check out your post soon. Winning sure feels good, doesn’t it?



    First of all the All Star Game is a big fricking joke-of course Rolen belongs there.

    More importantly though if I was Rolen and King Albert I would spend the off days taking the following folks from the Cardinals to a little league park outside of St. Louis and reinstructing them on the fundamentals.

    1) I don’t know how many more times I can watch this team not be able to get a runner home with less than two outs. I place this squarely on the shoulders of LaRussa and the players. Where are the squeeze plays to win games, why can’t we move runners along

    2) The whole bullpen ***** ***-big time ***. I would never think I would long for the days of Luther Hackman but they are here. Looper is a fricking joke. This bullpen ***** and will cost the Cardinals any playoff hopes by the end of the year

    3) I don’t know the stats but I would have to say this year this Cardinal 2006 version strikes out way too much and doesn’t put the ball in play and make good outs like the teams from 2004 and 2005. Its pathetic and disheartening to watch. We are not an American League team where all of our guys can pop a home run. Teams now know not to pitch to Albert-let Scott get a hit or move him along, because have no fear Dead Man Walking Juan E will strike out along with Molina this other cast of Cardinal wannabes.

    To get our *** handed to us by every American League team this year even makes this worse-our division ***** so bad that a .550 winning percentage might win it and I wouldn’t count the Cubs out of it the way the Cardinals are playing.

    I am truely ashamed to be a fan of this team due to basic lack of fundamentals and pitching strategy ( or lack thereof) that doesn’t even warrant comparison to a grade school team.

    You had a nice run boys move over and send someone along that at least can play the game fundamentally sound to get their ***** whipped by the American League rep in the Fall classic.


    Well the cards have lost 2 ina row to the freakin royals.the worst team in baseball.

  6. Tiffany

    Very strong feelings, but I can’t say I disagree a whole lot. It’s getting pretty frustrating to be a Cardinal fan these days.


    Thanks for voting, but Rolen still lost. 😦 I’m glad that the pretzels are making you thirsty, though!


    Thanks for the update. I did see we finally won one though. Not too much to be proud about only winning one game against the Royals. I didn’t see/read the details though. Were they well played games at least?

    To All:

    I’ll be back in Madrid tomorrow and hopefully back to my regularly watching baseball schedule either tomorrow or the next day, so stay tuned…..


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