I think the world might be caving in.

The Cubs were losing 12-9 in the bottom of the ninth and they scored four runs to push the game into extra innings.

Bonds also just went deep for 715 to pass Babe Ruth.

San Diego just loaded the bases.

What is going on??  I don’t like it.



  1. Tiffany

    And it only got worse. The Cards are just now starting to claw their way back.

    The bright spot is that Atlanta scored a run in the 11th. A Cubs loss would make me happy. 🙂


  2. Kevin

    OMG, what is with MLBlogs? I can’t write a four-letter word that begins with s and ends with k. Sheesh. Where are my 1st Amendment rights!! 😉

    Anyway, yes, I see the Cardinals are making a little bit of a comeback. But Scotty just grounded into a DP…so that’s that. One stinkin’ run.

    I still come back to the fact that Mulder gave up 8 earned runs. Million (7) dollar arm, and a 5 cent head.


  3. Kellia

    Let’s add to this ugly day the fact that Platoon Sergeant Bob “Mechanical Mel” Melvin benched Eric Byrnes today despite the fact that Eric is a) hitting .322, b) on an 11-game hitting streak, and c) was lifetime 3-3 against Reds starter Bronson Arroyo, all doubles! Melvin is still on his “let’s spell Byrnes against tough righties” kick. DaVanon, BTW, went 0-3 with a BB and 2 K’s, and the Reds hit a walk-off homer against D’Backs closer Valverde.

    I’m telling ya: Mess with Byrnesie and BAD Karma ensues!

    Four-letter word that begins with s and ends in k that won’t be asterisked out by MLBLogs…SINK. I think we can all find uses for that one.

    Now, can somebody please get Danica Patrick a car with better MPG?


  4. Kevin

    Sink. Sinkhole. Kitchen sink. Heat sink.

    Those are about the only uses I can find for sink…

    Danica needs to get a new chassis…and I’m not talking about her personally. I mean her car. Ran slow all month. Nice driving today, though. She stayed in there and had a shot.


  5. Tiffany

    Well, the “comeback” didn’t amount to much more than a couple of sparse runs. Not enough to beat the Padres, which was upsetting. I like your list of ‘sink’ words. Guess you will have to start substituting it for *****.


    Sure, we’ll add the benching of Byrnes to the ‘caving in of the world’ list. It was just a terrible day in many respects in the world of baseball. The only positive thing happening of course was the Cubs losing in the 11th inning. Oh, and the Voodoo Albert? Not cool! And to think I used to like Reds fans! 🙂 Seriousy though, in the age of Bonds, you think people would enjoy watching a guy who’s clean enjoy success….even if it isn’t your team.


  6. Kevin

    Yes, and I’m so glad I thought of it. And thanks for the props. I was wondering what you found so funny, when the word ‘sinkerball’ came to me. 🙂

  7. Tiffany

    I hadn’t thought of sinkerball until right then either, but it definitely made me laugh.


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