Mets recap and the upcoming I-70

We’ve had a couple of video shoots lately, so I’ve been pretty busy and I’m afraid this week doesn’t look a whole lot calmer, but I will still try to keep up with my blog as consistently as I can.  Thanks for those who have commented recently.  It makes me more inclined to check back and update my blog.

The Mets series was far from perfect, but it went well overall.  It ended up exactly like I said it would, which isn’t too surprising.  Most people could figure out that we would probably lose against Glavine and then beat Trachsel and Lima.  What most people probably didn’t predict (including myself) is what a pitcher’s duel there would be in the second game of the series.

Trachsel pitched incredibly well and was only just edged out of the win, but an even stellar performance by Mulder.  Mulder pitched a shutout over 8 1/3 innings.  Trachsel only gave up that 1 run on an RBI hit by Rolen.  If anybody else saw the game, you will know that it really wasn’t Trachsel’s fault.  Maybe he shouldn’t have walked Pujols, I guess (after all Pujols hadn’t had a hit the whole series), but it is PUJOLS after all.  But, the RBI hit…..that was just a tremendous at-bat by Rolen.  The ball literally came in at his ankles.  It was unbelievable.  Somehow, he golfed it up and put it in the gap.  I was disappointed that Mulder couldn’t get the complete game, but after he hit that guy, no way LaRussa was going to keep him in there.  It was easy to read his lips afterwards.  "I can’t believe I did that."  But, I was happy for Izzy.  And, for all the early season Izzy critics, how’d you like the 9th?  There’s no greater pressure than coming into the 9th with the bases loaded.  And, to strike out Wright?  That game was one of the most exciting I’ve watched in a long time.

Then, yesterday we were all over Lima.  Big surprise.  When are the Mets going to get rid of him anyway?  The Mets bench coach got ejected and I’m still not really sure why, but he and the homeplate ump really got into it.  Kind of fun.  So, if anyone else heard or read what happened, let me know.  It was also nice to win without Pujols, but again, it was Lima.  So, who really cares?

Next up….the I-70 Series.  This should be fun, but it would be a whole lot more fun if it wasn’t the first place Cardinals against the last place Royals.  If we win, we’ve only done what we were supposed to.  If they win, they will have bragging rights.

It will be nice to see some of last year’s Redbirds play, even if it is for the other team.  I like to keep tabs on Cardinal alumni, but I don’t always get to watch them play.

I think that starting against the Royals is what Carp finally needs to get a win.  The run support that is always the issue shouldn’t be a problem, because we’re not going up against a Maddux or a Glavine.  We’re facing Mark Redman, a pitcher who is  0-3 and has a 6+ ERA.  Come on, now.  We better crush him.  I read in Matthew Leach’s pre-game pitching matchup that he walks a lot of guys.  That’s great for us!  We have guys that are great at seeing the ball and love taking walks when they’re being handed out.  And, if he walks a lot of guys, then you know at some point some of them will be driven in.

Saturday is not only the 2nd day of the Royals series.  It’s also the day that I do my live blog.  I will be live blogging from a Cardinal fans perspective while Reid (Baseball is Heaven’s Gift to Mortals), will be live blogging a…..Royals fan perspective???  Ok, not really Royals fan maybe.  But, still for the Royals.  So, be sure to come by, check those out and leave lots of comments about how we’re doing.  Hopefully we’ll get a win out of all of it.

The Cardinals will be starting Anthony Reyes that day.  Normally, the number 5 guy due up (Sidney Ponson) is on the DL.  He landed there May 9th after he hurt his right elbow pitching.  There were reports of him throwing the other day, playing catch.  I would hate to lose him for a long period of time, but the reports all sound like he’s doing okay.  We’ll probably know his status a little bit better next week once his 15 day are up.

I am interested to see how Reyes will do.  He’s doing okay down in Memphis with a respectable record (1-1) and ERA (3.65), but he also hasn’t pitched in the big leauges yet this year.  The one thing that does impress me about Reyes was that he has 40 strikeouts in his 44+ innings, with only 5 walks.  That means he’s striking out a man nearly every inning that he pitches.  And, that’s important.

I would love to hear Mets fan’s thoughts about the previous series and Royal’s fans thoughts about the upcoming series.

For Missouri bragging rights,




  1. Tiffany

    “Us??” Maybe you are becoming a Royals fan.


    P.S. I liked that the nicest thing the Royals beat writer could say about Bautista is that he “hasn’t given up a lot of home runs recently.”

  2. Justin

    Is this for actual Missouri bragging rights? I mean, sure you guys share a home state. But, come on, the Central Missouri State intramural team has just as good a chance of taking a series against the Cards as the Royals do. 😉

  3. Tiffany


    Lol, that was great! But, I do feel it’s for bragging rights because as I said in my post, “If we win, we’ve only done what we were supposed to. If they win, they will have bragging rights.” Nobody cares if Goliath beats David….it’s only big news with David beats Goliath!


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