Tuesday’s game…..a little late

Well, I was pumped about watching the game live tonight, since the Cards played at 12:10 CT, but I was blacked out (surprise) from MLB.TV.  I never recevied a token (surprise again) by email, so I called and after waiting on hold for 20 minutes, decided I could probably be doing something more interesting with my time.

So…..I did.

Now I am waiting for the game to be archived.  Until that time I thought I would try to remember some things from the post I accidentally erased earlier today.

For one thing, I was surprised at the response to my soccer post.  Guess the Europeans are coming out of the woodwork! 🙂  Well, I know squat about soccer, so until I attend another game (which could be a long time), you all will be seeing strictly baseball posts around here.

Ok, onto yesterday’s game….

First of all, way to go Juan!  Everyone is aware of the struggles he’s had.  So, it was great to see him take the Pirates deep over the right field fence.  This also led to the first curtain call he’s had this season.  It’s something Cards fans are known for and something I had hoped he would get soon, a topic I discussed awhile back with Christel in this post.  So, add to this Juan’s first triple of the year and I’m hoping he’s finally on the track LaRussa’s convinced he would get on.

Second, Suppan got the win.  Yes, he gave up a few runs.  But, they were unearned and considering his last start when he got pounded by the Pirates, I’m very happy with how he did today.  Good to see him in the win column.

Third, how about the bullpen?  They had a somewhat rough start as well, but they’ve really gotten their act together lately.  I counted that they’ve gone 18 innings without giving up a run.  This stretches all the way back to last Tuesday when the Cards were trounced by Pittsburgh 7-2.  Plus, I heard the announcers say they had the 2nd best ERA in the national league.  Can’t remember what it is though, sorry.

Next, Hector Luna.  I was very disappointed when we lost Abraham Nunez to Philadelphia.  He handled himself great with his glove and his bat when he played for us.  And, he did a great job filling some very big shoes when Scott Rolen was out hurt.  But, I can’t say enough good things about Luna.  He’s played some amazing defense at four separate positions and has made a lot of noise with his bat.  Nunez is hitting .194 is barely slugging that.  And Luna?  He’s hitting .438 and is slugging .594.  I’ll take that any day from a supposed "bench player."  He also went 3-4 yesterday in the number 2 spot, which had been sort of a drought for St. Louis this year.

I was also happy to see some timely production from Edmonds.  I mentioned in a couple of posts back that Pujols is more likely to get walked (especially intentionally) when Edmonds hits behind him than Rolen.  I believe the opposition feels that Rolen is the greater threat offensively.  The only way to stop this is to either let Rolen hit behind Pujols all the time (which had been starting to happen) or have Edmonds start making them pay.  Well, Rolen was off today so Edmonds was following Pujols.  And, he made them pay.  After getting the count to 3-1 and Luna stealing second, the Pirates pitcher intentionally put Albert on first.  And, Edmonds came through with an RBI single.  Hopefully, we’ll be seeing a lot more of that.

Basically, this was a game of everyone contributing, everyone participating.  The only inning the Cardinals went down in order was the 8th.  That’s very significant.  It means that they have a lot of guys getting hits, getting on base to be driven in.  I’ve said it forever….the Cards can win via the long ball or they can win with solid defense and timely hitting.  They did it all today with a lot of various guys, especially some that hadn’t really stepped it up yet.

To me, it’s starting to feel that we are really getting it going with a lot of different guys coming up big.  It’s starting to feel like a World Championship.  And believe me, I’m ready to Party Like It’s 1982.  🙂

Well, I see the game has been archived, so I’m going to go watch some Cardinal ball. 

Ready to sweep Pittsburgh,




  1. dmarcus81773@hotmail.com

    Tiffany, I wouldnt get out the champain just yet. The Cards need to start having consistant contribution from everyone before I even look at October and I’m not like the Cub fans that think since they beat the Cards that they are a team of destiny. I would love to see us get in the Dontrell Willis hunt for sure I know we would have to probally give a young pitcher and maybe a everyday player for him and a prospect I would like to see maybe a Wainwright, Luna and Duncan trade. I think that is fair for both teams and it gives us a lefty to fall back on when Mulder leaves us next winter.

    I tell you what its so rare to have a woman that can talk the game of ball intelligently, so reading your post is a pleasure. I told Rachell that Im single and looking for a gal with season tickets, that know her stuff.

    Also I hate the Eurotrash soccer players too!

    Dan in Des Moines

  2. Tiffany

    Yes, we have a long way to go until October, but it feels good to finally have some of the pieces really clicking together. And, like you said, a significant trade mid-season will probably be a necessity to win it all. I sure would hate to lose Luna, but Willis would be a great guy to have around.

    Glad you like the blog….hope you keep reading. No season tickets here, but if you ever get any, let me know! 🙂


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