Soccer fan?? Nahhh.

MLB.TV isn’t working at all now, not even for games that have already finished.  So, I finally gave in and just read the recap of the Cardinals game.  I have a little patience to watch games in their entirety even after they’ve been played, but it’s not unlimited and after waiting all day for MLB.TV to get their act together, I couldn’t wait any longer.

Looks like it was a decent game, so I’m sorry I didn’t get to see it.  I did see Albert’s home run though on’s front page.  That now makes 12 for the man.  Awesome.  It seems like he could easily break the April record now, but of course, who knows what will happen.  Slumps happen to even Albert.  (Remember the first Chicago series anyone?)  The thing with him is that they seem to be shorter and less frequent.  So we will see.

Side comment: I found a quote today that Albert made back on April 10.

               "In April, the ball doesn’t jump in any park."

Reading this amused me because clearly the ball is definitely jumping off of Albert’s bat.

My family is going down to see the new Busch for the first time this Sunday and they’re right behind the bullpen.  So, who knows?  Maybe they will get to catch a Pujols record breaking homer.

Well, since I can’t really intelligently discuss the game since I didn’t watch it, I will discuss something else.  On Sunday night I went to mSergio_1Zidane_1y first ever professional soccer game.  (Or football as it’s called here.  That can be very confusing sometimes.)  I watched the home team, the Madrid Real, squash Málaga 2-1.  The two goals were scored by the guys on the right.  On the left is Zinedine Zidane from France and the other is Sergio Ramos, from Spain.  The game was reasonably exciting because the Real won in the last 60 seconds of the game by Sergio’s goal.  Other than that though, it was quite boring.  All the running around in between with nothing happening.  I will definitely just stick to baseball!

Praying I will be able to watch tonight’s game,




  1. John


    Whats the problem with It wasn’t playing anything at all for me earlier in the year – but I downloaded the newest version of Windows Media Player (v 10 I think), and then it started working fine. Don’t know if that’ll help but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

    Can’t agree with you about football though – its still the best game ever invented – and very very exciting. You’re really lucky to have seen Zidane play – he’s a bit past his best now, but is one of the best players of the past 20 years.


  2. dave

    I’m not sure if you know very much about football or not? But Real Madrid are a fallen superpower now. Barcelona are the new superstars. My team (Liverpool) are current European champions.

    Football, or soccer as it’s known here, is by and large a very exciting game. Of course there are bad and terrible games, like all sports.

    It is the worlds most played, watched and popular sport. Unfortunately, the MLS is unwatchable. Not because of the players, there is some real talent there, but the whole package of glam, glitz and Americanization of not only the content but the commentary.

    It is dire, total stat, stat and more stat. Where he was drafted from, how many mins he’s played. WHAT!!!!.

    If football was left to flourish by itself instead of trying to combine its presentation from the ways of Hockey, Football, Basketball and baseball, It too would finally get the recognition it deserves.

  3. Tiffany

    Thanks for the suggestion. It’s working again today, so hopefully that lasts. I didn’t figure you Europeans would agree with me about “football” (soccer), but then again, I didn’t grow up with it like you all do over here. I see kids in the park at 1, 2 and 3 years of age playing. Amazing. As for Zidane, I had never heard of him before Sunday night.


    Nope, I know nothing about soccer. Baseball’s my sport. I went just for the experience of it. The Real are the only team I am aware of, besides Barcelona, which I have only heard of because they are the big rival, I guess. I always figured Real was equivalent to the NY Yankees. They are the team everyone knows about worldwide whether or not you follow the sport. They’ve won a lot and people either love them or hate them.

    John and Dave,

    Too bad I didn’t have you guys with me at the game. Maybe you could have explained it so I could have understood and then I would enjoy it better. They took away the first goal from Real Madrid, which upset the crowd and then after the game was over, they kept playing with no clock running.


    “The Kings Game” sounds interesting. I don’t know that I have the patience to follow an entire novel, but maybe if was interesting enough. “For the Love of the Game” is one of my all-time favorite movies. As for MLB.TV, it’s always something. I’ve tried emailing and calling customer service, but it doesn’t really help. Yesterday’s issue has resolved itself and MLB.TV is working again today. The main problem is that I will receive a token that will work for a few days or a week at the most and then I will be blocked again. I never know when the day will be that I will be blocked until it’s too late. And, then I miss most of the game. If I email, they don’t respond until days later. One guy at customer service told me he would call me before the games to make sure I had a token in time, but he never called once. So, if you have any other suggestions I’m all for them.



    Thanks, Tiffany, routed you to the head of our customer service with your comment above and just keep me posted on progress. Sorry about any difficulties. Pujols today — unbelievable.


  5. dave

    In soccer/football, they don’t stop the clock every time the action stops. It’s added on (at the referees discretion) at the end of the 90mins. This cuts down on time wasting, and acts as somewhat of a deterant to do so.Love the site….
    Thaaaaaaaaaaaa Yankes win a night game. See a pic of Damons slide, vote for Jeter to be MVP, and even play a game or look at the photo albums…….

    Come Join The Madness….

  6. Tiffany

    Ahh…thanks for the explanation. So, do you live in the States or in Europe? Apparently, you’re a Yankee fan, but I see that your email address indicates ‘Dublin,’ but you root for the Liverpool soccer team!



    Ah, so you went to Estadio Santiago Bernabéu? I wish I could have gotten to a match there.

    I saw Sevilla-Real Madrid at Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán 14 May 2005, when Sergio Ramos, still playing for Sevilla, had a cracker of a free kick. After an own goal and a superb Zizou strike (that would be Zinédine Zidane), Julio Baptista equalised and sure enough, Madrid also bought him. Sigh.

    By the way, “Real” or “La Real” is Real Sociedad. To refer to Real Madrid, it is simply “Madrid,” or “Los Merengues,” or “Los Galácticos.” “Real” simply means “royal.”

    All the best,


  8. Tiffany

    It was cool to go to the stadium just because you always here so much about it. One of the best parts is that it’s right next to TGIFridays, which is the only one in the area. So, you get a little taste of the States, which is nice.


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