Homers and stuff

There was an article on MLB.com that talked about Pujols and some of the other MLB sluggers breaking the HR record for most homers in April.  It was funny, because I had noticed that Pujols is on McGwire pace from his 1998 season.  Yet, when I read the article I realized that McGwire is not the home run leader for the month of April.  This just goes to show you that what McGwire did is phenomenal and that it doesn’t take one month of 13 homers to break a single season record.  It takes many months of doing the same thing consistently.  I don’t think it will happen for Pujols this year, but I will not be surprised if someday he does challenge the record Bonds set when he broke McGwire’s record.

So, here’s a summary of the fun home run facts that I was curious about myself and able to find online.  Gotta love the internet.

So, speaking of homers, what’s up with Chris Shelton?  He had a good start to the season and I kept figuring it would just die down.  But, now he’s up to 9.  I’m willing to wager that most baseball fans couldn’t identify him last year in a lineup and now he’s all you hear about.  There’s not a lot of talk though about his 3 triples, although I’m as equally impressed with that.  I don’t know a lot of catchers that have that kind of speed.  I know Molina sure doesn’t! 🙂  Granted, I don’t watch a lot of Tigers games, so maybe it’s a lot of luck.  After all, it took him over 100 games last year to get 3.

Anybody know the record for triples by a catcher in a single season?  I think that Bench holds the RBI record, but don’t know about triples.  Maybe I’ll look into that.

Hoping Pujols breaks the April record in homers,


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